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The project

  -  The project

‘Due Uve’ (Two Grapes) is the new and ambitious wine project created by the Giovanett family of Castelfeder winery in Alto Adige and Cantina Social, the well-recognised web platform for wine promotion.

The encounter between these two Italian wine institutions has given life to “Due Uve”, a grape exchange programme between Italian wineries founded on the exchange of knowledge and skills gained in the vineyard and the cellar.

This is the starting point for Castelfeder winery in South Tyrol, deciding to ‘exchange’ grapes with another Italian winery, changing the partner winery every time. Castelfeder gives up its own selected grapes in exchange for those of the partner winery and vinifies the loaned grapes in its own winery and vice versa.


The first estate involved in the ‘Due Uve’ project is Luca Marenco, in the Langhe, specifically in Barolo, who accepted the challenge by exchanging its Nebbiolo grapes for Castelfeder’s Pinot Noir grapes.

Immediately after the harvest, the most famous red grapes from two important territories set off on a journey: same road, two directions. Each one leaves its own land, the Langhe for Luca Marenco’s grapes and the Alto Adige for those of Castelfeder. They go on to their new host winery to be transformed into wine and, after exploring and discovering a suitable ageing process, then make their way home to offer an exceptional tasting experience

unlike any other before.

Castelfeder grapes traveled 399km in a SOUTHWEST direction.
All the way to Piemonte, to the Luca Marenco winery, where they were vinified.
At Luca Marenco's they became this precious red.