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Cantina Social was created in December 2015 with one goal: to show and expose people to the world of wine in the friendliest way possible.

Today communication is one of the most fundamental parts of our lives. From social networks to new ways of searching, everything has become more accessible but, at the same time, a little more confusing. In a world like wine, where misinformation and overbearing inheritance have affected approachability, the group strives to communicate with those who are passionate about it.

CantinaSocial is working to be a positive catalyst in this beautiful new world. Creating the right and respectful tone of voice while looking at things differently.

Rotocel is the ideal partner for all companies seeking a distinctive positioning for their brand, aware of a label’s strategic role in the struggle to win the attention and favour of their end consumer.

“With our vast experience and immense passion for our work, we offer our customers high-profile, tailor-made consultancy. We make room for everyone’s requests and look for ad hoc solutions for each specific product, paying attention to even the smallest detail, to allow each brand to differentiate itself by emphasising its own personality. We put our expertise at the service of the most innovative technologies and processes, determined to achieve the best for each one.”

RES is a communication agency founded in 1996. It designs strategies for brand and product positioning, creates graphic websites and manages social media, offers photographic and video services, organises Events, follows public relations, press office, and creates exhibitions and exhibition stands. RES is also a publishing house.

In recent years RES has become increasingly specialised in the communication of the wine and food sector by developing and adapting the art of storytelling to the most modern means of communication. Thus RES Wine was born, the division of RES entirely dedicated to the world of wine.

RES Wine has dedicated the last twenty years of its activity to the creation of dozens of wine labels, mainly in the production areas of Liguria and Upper Tuscany. Each producer has a story that deserves to be told. Our task is to choose the most suitable words and tools to create a success story together.

RES Communication devotes itself with creativity and passion to enhancing the image and promoting its customers by following their history, knowledge and products through targeted communication campaigns to intercept the target audience and excite them.

Castelfeder grapes traveled 399km in a SOUTHWEST direction.
All the way to Piemonte, to the Luca Marenco winery, where they were vinified.
At Luca Marenco's they became this precious red.